We have the following areas we structure all our programmes around

We run prevention programs with adolescent girls and boys to teach them about healthy relationships, understanding consent and early signs of abusive behaviour, we have also developed a manual to teach them how to navigate the criminal justice system both as an accused and as a survivor of Gender Based Violence (GBV)

  1. Prevention
  • Awareness

We specifically focus on some of the drivers of GBV and how these exacerbate the problem, such as Displacement (Homelessness), Poverty, Lack of education on available resources, HIV/AIDS, Access to Sexual Reproductive Health Services and Substance Abuse. These elements in particular increase vulnerability of women and girls to GBV. Our projects are varied like Blanket Drives for women on the street, where we provide a warm meal, clothes, pads and a blanket whilst giving them access to counselling services and rehabilitation options.

  • Co-ordination & Advocacy

We serve on various forums and bodies where we advocate on issues related to GBV

We play a coordinating role for the CSO collective against Gender Based Violence.

Support Required

We primarily crowdfund for all our programmes so please feel free to donate. Our bank account details ………..

Corporates can contact us to get involved as it is impossible for us to do this without the private sector

Anyone wanting to volunteer can contact us